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Not documenting things properly could leave you in Lottery LIMBO . . .

Looking for a MAGIC SPELL or formula for WINNING NUMBERS?
Save your money as this does NOT have them.
Want to increase your chance of a LOTTO WIN by running a lottery group, pool or syndicate and need some tips from an expert with information NOT found on a government lottery site? Then this is for you.

This book is intended for a worldwide audience of people interested in playing the lottery as a group. The Lotto Group Kit has tips for forming, running, and maintaining a lottery group. The strategies strongly promote creating a paper trail to defend a potential win from a false claim. The book includes many other aspects involved in winning a lottery that people may be unaware of, and what life could be like after a big win. The author recommends treating your lottery group like a business set for success with a plan to achieve it.

The author, multiple lottery winner Ric Wallace, was the first Canadian featured on TLC’s Lottery Changed My Life and has been featured in print, on radio, on TV, and online. He has run lottery pools, on and off, for over 33 years. Click Here to see next air date for the Country Millionaire episode.


Above is the Dream Home won by Ric Wallace and featured on the cover of the book he wrote in that dream home on the laptop which was included in the $775,000 TAX FREE prize package.

He has been featured in newspapers, on radio, and on TV news because of numerous lottery wins, a $775,000 TAX FREE dream home package, and Lottery Charm® products on which he holds various trademarks.

Some of the media attention he has received:

Other media in both Canada and the United States

  • CJBK AM radio – London, Ontario
  • AM 980 – London, Ontario
  • CBC Radio more than a dozen times – Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver
  • WAKR – Akron, Ohio with Ron Horner
  • Canadian Newspapers in Exeter, St. Catharines, Milton, Your Village News (12+ times), The Wheatley Journal
  • American Newspapers: Akron Beacon, Daily Kent Stater, Record-Courier, The Miami Herald, Philadelphia Daily News, The (Columbia, S.C.) State, The (Monterey County, Calif.) Herald,,,,,
  • Various websites:, /, (many more NOT listed)

What is included is this 180 page eBook:

  • Tips for starting a lottery group / pool or syndicate
  • Why so many major lottery wins end up in disputes
  • Common mistakes lottery pools make, opening doors to lawsuits
  • Tips for finding reliable people to pool their money
  • Tips for NOT losing your job because of a lottery pool
  • How to minimize claims against your lottery group
  • How NOT to be a bank for your friends and co-workers
  • Tips for NOT losing your friends because of a lottery pool or lottery win
  • Tips for saving past group plays and why they are important
  • What to look for in a lottery retailer
  • How to create your own Unique Lottery Group Play Identifier Code to safeguard your next lottery WIN
  • Tips for NOT making lawyers very RICH!
  • Ways to earn FREE TICKETS or rewards
  • Why employers should NOT run lottery groups or pools
  • Tips for group play members who purchase tickets outside the group and do NOT want a dispute if they win on their own tickets
  • Why employees using company resources & company time could lose some of their jackpot to their employer
  • Mistakes NOT to make
  • How to ensure a retailer or someone else DOES NOT steal your ticket
  • Member agreements with blank agreements that you can add additional terms and conditions to

  • Group play forms, lottery group play tracking forms, member list forms, lotto bank forms, lotto group overdraft forms, member opt-out forms, dream checks
  • List of equipment & supplies
  • Tips for Scanning Lottery Tickets Purchased for a Group Play to be shared by email
  • Dream Sharing – Helping keep members motivated
  • LOTTO Dream Checks – This can help you visualize a BIG WIN and motivate your lotto group members
  • How to spot a BAD CHECK from a lottery corporation
  • Tips for claiming a large win
  • Your health and a large win
  • Tips for dealing with the TAX MAN
  • Tips for handling media exposure
  • Life after a big win
  • 21 Lucky Lottery Tips: Preview of my 1st book
  • Suggested Uses for Lucky Lottery Charms


The Lotto Group Kit V2.0

180 Page eBook with printable lottery agreements and forms

Table of Contents

Please Read This FIRST! 5
Ric Wallace: Lottery Winner, Lottery Group Captain, Lottery Book Author 7
What Qualifies Me to Write About Running Group Lotteries? 13
Protect Yourself Before You Validate Your Tickets 14
Karma for the Lottery Player, Winner & False Claimant 23
Lottery Group Disputes Happen All Over the World 32
Don’t Let This Happen to You 52
Lotto Group Options 55
Steps I Follow When Running a Lottery Group 60
What to Do When the Lottery Corporation Gives You a Bad Check 72
Special Thanks to the Tax Man! 79
Sample Lottery Group Agreement 83
Ready-to-Use Lottery Group Agreement 86
List of Lotto Group Members 91
Opt-Out Form for Group Members 93
Lotto Group Play Form 94
Lottery Group Play Tracking Sheet 96
Optional Forms 99
Dream Sharing 102
LOTTO Dream Checks 104
The Lottery Captain’s Suggested List of Equipment & Supplies 112
Understanding the “Unique Lottery Group Play Identifier Code” 115
Unique Lottery Group Play Identifier Code ~ FLOW CHART 120
Sample of Lottery Tickets Played as a Group Play 125
Tips for Scanning Lottery Tickets Purchased for a Group Play 132
You Have a Major Winning Ticket 136
Claiming a Lottery Win Without a Ticket 144
How to Sign and Not to Sign a Winning Ticket 149
Harness Luck With the 3 P’s of Winning or Success 151
Quotes on Luck 154
Final Words 157
Customizable Word Forms Available for an Extra Fee 161
21 Lucky Lottery Tips: Preview of My 1st Book 162
The Lottery Charms Story & 169
Suggested Uses for Lucky Lottery Charms 176


The author and publisher of this book make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work. Following all the tips in this book, using the printable forms, and/or using any Lottery Charms does NOT constitute a guarantee of potential future lottery wins, success, or freedom from lawsuits against your lottery group. Strategies contained in this eBook help build a paper trail and offer other tips such as things to do and not to do to defend against a false claim. Lottery regulations vary according to location. Individual lottery players are responsible for knowing and following the regulations where they live. Our Lottery Charms and the LUCKY Squirrel Scratchers are simply marketed as items of luck. Gamble only what you can afford. This eBook kit is not a substitute for legal advice.TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life - Sold on

A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for the lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of® creator Ric Wallace.

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