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Purchase the Lotto Group Kit V2.0 eBook and a Lucky Squirrel Pin at the same time of purchase and we will double your order for Lucky squirrel pins. We are offering up to 6 FREE Lucky Squirrel Pins in Black or White. This offer is ONLY available through when combined with the purchase of Lotto Group Kit V2.0 eBook.*

  • Order 1 Luck Squirrel Pin   – We ship 2 Luck Squirrels Pins

  • Order 2 Luck Squirrel Pins – We ship 4 Luck Squirrel Pins

  • Order 3 Luck Squirrel Pins – We ship 6 Luck Squirrel Pins

  • Order 4 Luck Squirrel Pins – We ship 8 Luck Squirrel Pins

  • Order 5 Luck Squirrel Pins – We ship 10 Luck Squirrel Pins

  • Order 6 Luck Squirrel Pins – We ship 12 Luck Squirrel Pins

Do Lottery Charms / Lucky Coins / Lucky Pins work?

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The Lotto Group Kit V2.0

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The Lotto Group Kit is supplied as an Acrobat PDF file, 180 Page eBook. Compatible with Windows, Apple, Mac and Android operating systems. You will be able to print this on your own printer using Acrobat ReaderFile Size 6.9 MB