FREE Lucky Coin OFFER*

Purchase the Lotto Group Kit V2.0 and a Lucky Coin at the same time of purchase and we will double your order. We are offering up to 6 FREE Lucky coins in Brass or  Ni-Silver  V1, V2 or V3. Gold plated coins, lucky coin keychains & multiple coin sets are not included. This offer is ONLY available through when combined with the purchase of Lotto Group Kit V2.0 eBook.*

  • Order 1 Luck Coin   – We ship 2 Lucky Coins
  • Order 2 Luck Coins – We ship 4 Lucky Coins
  • Order 3 Luck Coins – We ship 5 Lucky Coins
  • Order 4 Luck Coins – We ship 8 Lucky Coins
  • Order 5 Luck Coins – We ship 10 Lucky Coins
  • Order 6 Luck Coins – We ship 12 Lucky Coins